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The Multi-City Travel Hack of a Lifetime

“I’ll never understand capitalism,” a friend told me after I shared how a multi-city flight itinerary became cheaper than a… Continue reading »

San José pedestrians are a daring breed, but downtown boulevards provide a welcome respite from car hazards. Alberto Font/The Tico Times

4 Ways San José Nails Urbanism

  A car runs a stop sign, almost taking a mother and her small child along for a ride on the… Continue reading »

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Mouth of the Bull: Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Isolation. The only hint of life in coastal Panama came from the acuaticos or water taxis shuffling tourists from the… Continue reading »

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Carpe Chepe: Bar Crawling Through San José

San José doesn’t receive much love from the plethora of Costa Rica guidebooks that send travelers to your typical variety… Continue reading »

New Urbanism Is Fueling Cincinnati Craft Brewing - JoeBaur

New Urbanism Is Fueling Cincinnati Craft Brewing

I’m walking alongside the largest collection of Italianate architecture in the country. The buildings are all narrow, densely packed onto… Continue reading »