Central America

March 1, 2015


Originally published at Tico Times Travel. Two buses, one perplexing walk to the Mepe station, a taxi, and two boats is what it took for my […]
January 28, 2015

Hiking to the Ruins of Ujarrás in Costa Rica’s Orosi Valley

Originally published at The Tico Times. My wife Melanie and I made a special point of taking the train, which runs obscenely limited hours, from San […]
January 21, 2015

The Old Port: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Originally published at The Tico Times. They say Puerto Viejo is a party town. Surfers lazily flip flop around the old port toward the infamous waves […]
January 5, 2015

Why San José’s epic traffic jams are also an opportunity

Josefinos and the rest of the Central Valley’s commuters lament the morning and evening standstill traffic in San José. Cars are suddenly turned into turtles, inching […]
November 13, 2014

Four Ways San José, Costa Rica Nails Urbanism

A car runs a stop sign, almost taking a mother and her small child along for a ride on the hood. People walk alongside a highway because […]
November 8, 2014


Isolation. The only hint of life in coastal Panama came from the acuaticos or water taxis shuffling tourists from the mainland to the archipelago chain of […]