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Amanda Kendle Talks Travels in Japan and Australia

Amanda Kendle of Not A Ballerina is back to talk about her recent travels through Japan and Western Australia. Joe and Amanda talk language, food, high-speed trains and why you can’t miss the Robot Restaurant show in Tokyo. Then in Australia, Amanda talks about what it’s like flying in a microlight aircraft before giving insight into how she does her own podcast, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast.

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Why Cycling is the Best Way to Go in Tokyo

The Gaman Spirit: Why cycling works in Tokyo started with a simple email to Streetfilms‘ Director of Video Production, Clarence Eckerson Jr.

“I’m going to be in Japan for a couple of weeks. Need anything from Tokyo?” was the gist.

Turns out they did need something from Tokyo, because it’s a city that actively discourages driving and they have a 14 percent mode share of bicyclists. That means 14 percent of all trips in Tokyo are done by bike, every single day. To put that in perspective, New York City hovers around one percent. Continue reading

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If You Want to Buy a Car in Japan…

Originally published at Streetfilms.

If you want to buy a car in Japan, you’re a masochist. At least, that’s what I learned after spending a few days in Tokyo working on my latest Streetfilms project. Continue reading

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Hiking Japan’s Historic Nakasendo Way

Originally published at Jacada Travel.

Japan brings to mind two very distinct images. There’s one of a hyper-modern society with concrete towers filling the skyline as far as the eye can see. Businessmen and women chirp away on their phones as they get off the train and over to their next meetings. Large screens flicker around every corner. In some cases it looks as if Times Square was used as a model by a designer who thought it was too modest. It’s never quiet here. There’s always the sound of footsteps, trains, buses, cars and chatter. Fresh air and greenery are hard to come by, but people are too busy to notice anyway. Continue reading

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Tech in Travel, and Travels to Cuba, Japan and Alaska

Laura Watilo Blake of Far-Flung Travels co-hosts this episode of Without A Path to talk tech in travel. Joe also asks Laura about what she’s doing to prepare for travel in Cuba, and Laura asks Joe about his recent travels to Japan and a snowy Alaska.

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