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Trump’s Travel Ban and Sher She Goes to Cuba

President Trump’s travel ban targets citizens and refugees of Muslim majority nations, sparking protests at airports across the country as well as the seemingly continuous one outside of the White House. Then Sher of SherSheGoes.com joins Without A Path to talk about her passions of fashion and scuba diving. She was also recently in Cuba during the mourning period of Fidel Castro and offers her thoughts on what increased tourism will mean for the isolated island.

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How Terrorism is Impacting Travel

Laura‘s fresh off a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico and Joe’s off to Honduras next week. But first, Laura and Joe look back on the string of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Ankara, Istanbul and Pakistan, and discuss how these tragedies may dissuade people from traveling, but also, how statistics show it’s very unlikely you’ll be a victim of a terrorist incident. On a happier note, Laura shares thoughts on a recent Cleveland staycation.

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Five Days in Cuba and Carbon Emissions From Travel

U.S. Americans are flocking to Cuba, but you still can’t go for purely tourist reasons. Laura of Far Flung Travels shares her experience of spending five days in Cuba, including the conversations she had with people throughout the island. Then, Joe and Laura talk about carbon emissions from travel, namely flying in light of a recent YES! Magazine and Grist article from climate scientist Peter Kalmus, who lays out his reasoning for quitting flying. Should we be flying at all? Is the auto industry a bigger culprit? Should my job not exist? Without A Path gets deep!

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Tech in Travel, and Travels to Cuba, Japan and Alaska

Laura Watilo Blake of Far-Flung Travels co-hosts this episode of Without A Path to talk tech in travel. Joe also asks Laura about what she’s doing to prepare for travel in Cuba, and Laura asks Joe about his recent travels to Japan and a snowy Alaska.

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Chaos in the Czech Republic and Cuba with Author Melanie Furlong-Riesgo

Author Melanie Furlong-Riesgo joins Joe from her Halifax, Canada home to share her story of chaos in the Czech Republic, meeting her Cuban husband abroad, and escaping back to Canada. She’s also a first-time author with the release of The Last Honest Man In Havana based on stories from her husband’s family and Cuba in the 1980s.

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