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How Terrorism is Impacting Travel

Laura‘s fresh off a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico and Joe’s off to Honduras next week. But first, Laura and Joe look back on the string of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Ankara, Istanbul and Pakistan, and discuss how these tragedies may dissuade people from traveling, but also, how statistics show it’s very unlikely you’ll be a victim of a terrorist incident. On a happier note, Laura shares thoughts on a recent Cleveland staycation.

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Five Places I Want to Travel to for Christmas

It’s the holidays! Get off your computer and spend time with your family, ya jerk.

Just kidding! Lord knows we’re all at the mercy of our Screen Gods and it’s too late to turn back at this late stage in the game. Succumb to your masters, feeble human, and read about the top five places I would like to spend Christmas if I could celebrate it anywhere in the world. Continue reading

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Reflexiones de Costa Rica Después de un Año

Ciudad Colón View - JoeBaur

No puedo creer que ya ha pasado un año que me he mudado a Costa Rica por 10 meses con mi esposa Melanie. He sido tan afortunado de vivir en el extranjero, no mencionar en un país como Costa Rica. Continue reading

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How to Spend 7 Fascinating Days Traveling in El Salvador

Santa Ana Crater El Salvador - JoeBaur

Originally published at Viator.com.

Rugged volcanos dotting the countryside, vibrant cities with a youthful spirit, colonial charm preserved and actively refurbished for future generations to enjoy. This may not be the El Salvador in your mind, but it’s the country that exists beyond the international headlines and doomsday CIA travel warnings.

In a week’s worth of travel, we found what makes El Salvador special. The land itself was diverse, bursting with natural beauty. The food, namely the Salvadoran staple of pupusas, never disappointed. Most of all, the people who eagerly shared their stories are what make El Salvador not only special, but one of the most rewarding travel destinations. Continue reading

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El Tunco, El Salvador For Beach Bumming Travel

Read parts onetwo, and three of four from Saludemos El Salvador.


El Salvador, for us, would end on the beach. Perhaps appropriately so since what tourism has existed here has been a result of surfers who pay little attention to what the local situation or international reputation is if it means finding a good wave. More practically, this is where we could pick up a shuttle to Antigua, Guatemala where we would be spending our second week of traveling.

The ride to El Tunco from Cerro Verde speaks to the, let’s call it, dense diversity I have been hinting at throughout this story. Within a couple of hours from urban Santa Tecla, we were in colonial Suchitoto. Another couple of hours, Cerro Verde where the temperature dropped to the low 50s at night. Then not even two hours away we were in sweltering hot and humid El Tunco with the Pacific Ocean a stone’s throw away. If it sounds incredible, that’s because El Salvador is. Continue reading