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Why It’s Impossible not to Love Antigua, Guatemala

We came into Antigua after a five-hour shuttle ride from El Tunco, El Salvador that included the obligatory bureaucratic wait at the Salvadoran-Guatemalan border. Inevitably Melanie and I were some of the last to be dropped off at our hotels, bouncing along the Antiguan cobblestones as fellow travelers were left to their respective hostels. Some of course hadn’t bothered to reserve anything in advance. I’m all for the carpe diem, impromptu spirit when it comes to travel, but not when it screws with my eating schedule.

Those minor inconveniences aside, our excitement was beyond description to finally be in Antigua, Guatemala. Continue reading

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16 Photos Through the Ruins off Antigua, Guatemala

Arco de Santa Catalina Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Three weeks ago I was hit by a car, crashed a mountain bike and sent to surgery to fix some arteries with cow parts. Suddenly my travel schedule was wiped clean and I had to give up physical activity for six weeks.

While forced to the couch, my Costa Rica anniversary came and went. Like any other anniversary of a momentous occasion, it felt impossible that a year had already passed. I found myself missing Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America like a normal person might miss a significant other.

To put a band-aid on these — what are they called? — feelings, I went searching for a connection back to those adventures in my library of work from Central America that I still need to edit. With that, I landed back in Antigua, Guatemala — without question one of the most popular destinations in all of the Americas. Below enjoy 16 photos from our four days in Antigua, fresh off a week in El Salvador back in January before heading to Lake Atitlán. Continue reading

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Reflexiones de Costa Rica Después de un Año

Ciudad Colón View - JoeBaur

No puedo creer que ya ha pasado un año que me he mudado a Costa Rica por 10 meses con mi esposa Melanie. He sido tan afortunado de vivir en el extranjero, no mencionar en un país como Costa Rica. Continue reading

Central America / guatemala / international / travel

Traveling Lake Atitlán, Guatemala Reveals a Land of Contrasts

Originally published at Jacada Travel.

Much of Lake Atitlan and the surrounding area is a study in stark contrasts. This beautiful body of water is surrounded by equally arresting rolling hills and three volcanoes, but vistas are only achieved after weaving between the buses, shuttles, cars, motorcycles, and the army of tuk tuks that run across the town of Panajachel. Meanwhile, the bright Mayan colours of blue, red, purple and yellow give the region a vibrancy, set against the backdrop of Guatemala’s history. Continue reading