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The World’s Top Four Travel Destinations In 2016

Plaza de Armas Lima Peru - JoeBaur

Originally published as part of Viator.com’s top 50 travel destinations of 2016. Below are my four selections.


Frankfurt Skyline - JoeBaur

Germany in of itself is the place to be in 2016 to enjoy a variety of beer festivals across the country as the Fatherland celebrates 500 years of the Reinheitsgebot, or Beer Purity Law. The law was a series of regulations determining the ingredients in beer adopted in Bavaria, 1516.  That said, Germany isn’t exclusively all barley, malt and hops. Frankfurt, better known as one of the primary international business hubs of the world, is also the gateway city to Germany’s wine country. The area surrounding Frankfurt is world renowned for their Riesling history, stretching back to the 1200s thanks to the cool climate producing an acidic grape that comes through in the wine. Back in Frankfurt, check out the Bahnhofsviertel neighborhood near the central train station. Traditionally this was a no-go zone or brothels, but now artists and restaurateurs are buying up the cheap space to revitalize the neighborhood. Across the river, get back to wine culture by checking out Lorsbacher Thal for some traditional Apfel Wein that owner Frank Winkler says, “tastes like the angels peed in it.” Continue reading

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Reflexiones de Costa Rica Después de un Año

Ciudad Colón View - JoeBaur

No puedo creer que ya ha pasado un año que me he mudado a Costa Rica por 10 meses con mi esposa Melanie. He sido tan afortunado de vivir en el extranjero, no mencionar en un país como Costa Rica. Continue reading

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Traveling the Panama Canal and Panama Viejo

Click here for part one.

If there’s a train in a city, I will figure out a way to ride it. Such is my love for alternative transportation*, specifically rail transit. Naturally I was intrigued after reading about Panama City’s new rail system with a Estación Iglesia del Carmen just blocks away from our hotel. While I have no problem hopping on a train and getting off at a random stop to see what happens, I generally prefer some kind of loose plan. The plan was to get to Parque Natural Metropolitano — a 265 hectare green sanctuary just on the outskirts of urban Panama City. There was no direct train stop for the park, but we were able to piece together our own route by getting off at Albrook — a mix of transportation hub and mall — and walking the rest of the way. Continue reading

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Traveling Through Panama City and Casco Viejo

There was a week in Costa Rica when Avianca and Copa seemed to be in a battle to practically give flights away. Melanie and I had already taken advantage of a multi-city deal that gave us a week each in El Salvador and Guatemala. Not long after returning, I found myself staring down a $100-ish roundtrip flight to Lima. The next morning? $100 roundtrip to Panama City. It was a travel no-brainer. Sold. Continue reading

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17 Photos of Panama City, Panama You Need to See Right Now

Casco Antiguo juts out into the ocean.

Casco Antiguo juts out into the ocean.

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