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Dublin Blends History and Modernity to Inspire Travelers

Castle Market in Dublin, Ireland

Originally published at Global Traveler.

Ireland’s capital city brings to mind two distinct images. One is a literary paradise where the likes of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce left their mark. The other is the traditional pub culture where anyone with a guitar can start a folk tune, sure to be joined by a chorus of drinkers armed with perfectly poured pints. Continue reading

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Dublin is a Literary City Anchored by James Joyce

St. Stephen's Green Entrance Dublin

Originally published in Global Traveler.

Though Irish independence is still less than a century old, Ireland was distinct from England in its culture. Most prominently, the Emerald Isle is known for churning out its own crop of literary heavyweights between the 19th and 20th centuries. Most notable among the likes of Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Anne Enright is James Joyce. Continue reading

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Dublin, Ireland Captured in 12 Incredible Photos Around the City

Downtown Dublin Ireland - JoeBaur

How could you not love Dublin? It’s walkable, full of history and quite possibly one of the greatest places to have a pint in the world.

I was in Ireland back in September to travel the Wild Atlantic Way up in County Donegal. Seeing as Dublin was my gateway city, I knew I had to finagle a couple of extra days to join a 1916 Easter Rising walking tour and have a pint or two (or three or four) before I went home. Continue reading

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Wild Atlantic Way: Ireland’s Absurdly Gorgeous Coastal Route

Story originally published at EuropeUpClose.com.

I stepped off our coach bus unsure of what to expect out of our first stop in County Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way, a coastal route of about 2,500 kilometers stretching from southern County Cork to the northwestern corner of Ireland. The weather was noticeably cooler than the hot September afternoons I had been experiencing back in Cleveland. Here, the winds were strong and the air as fresh as one would expect of a rural setting. Jackets were a necessity despite the strong sun beaming over the horizon. Continue reading

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A Trip Along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way In County Donegal

Recently I had the privilege of working with Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland on checking out The Wild Atlantic Way, specifically in northwestern County Donegal with a quick stop in County Sligo on the way back to Dublin. I’ll mostly let the video speak for itself, but The Wild Atlantic Way is a 2,500-kilometer scenic route from southern County Cork up to County Donegal. The latter is arguably the heart of ancient Irish culture. Many locals often referred to it as “Raw Ireland.” Here the street signs read in the Irish language without a hint of English. Though tourism exists, it’s largely untapped compared to other corners of the Emerald Isle. Continue reading