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Andy MacGregor On All Things Spain

Andy MacGregor, founder of Travel Massive’s Madrid chapter, shares how (and why) he made the move from Scotland to Spain complete with all the current events you didn’t know about. He’s since gotten his face on Spanish television’s Canal Plus as the host of a fishing program. When he’s not keeping an eye on his line, he edits CARPdiem Magazine and even runs a swing dance course.

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Top 10 Travel Experiences of 2016

Wadi Rum sunset in Jordan

I’m sure nobody wants to hear this, but 2016 wasn’t all bad for me. At times it would be easy to sink into the growing collective despair. Then again, I find it perfectly healthy to reflect and take stock of the good things that happened over the past year. Truth be told, 2016 was not a bad year in terms of the things I care most about, those being travel and hearing and telling stories. Over the course of these 12 months, I covered distances as far as Alaska to Jordan. I learned about indigenous tourism and finally set foot in a corner of the globe that continues to be thoroughly misunderstood by people from my North American background. I personally feel better educated to share the stories I’ve heard to continually do my part, as little as it may be, to make people less terrified of one another.

Below are 10 of my top travel experiences of 2016 complete with a snippet from the article referencing said experience. Yes, it’s a bit like when a TV sitcom assembles a clip show as a cop-out for an episode, but I hope it’s clear that my intentions are noble.

I also hope it’s clear that I’m not sharing these to brag or incite envy. Rather, I’m sharing them in hopes you might feel compelled to either follow in my footsteps to some of these destinations or to simply recount the positive aspects of your year. Continue reading

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Ibiza, Spain is More Than What the Stereotypes Suggest


Geography is not a strong suit among my countrymen and women. Before moving to Costa Rica, some asked if it was an island. Though I may have thumbed my nose at comments like that, I’ll admit I knew little of the geography of Central America before moving there. (But for God’s sake, I knew Costa Rica wasn’t an island.) Now that I’m living in Germany, my geographic skills are once again laughable. Like, did you know Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain?

I honestly can’t say I knew a thing about Ibiza before someone at work told me I was going there. I suppose I knew it was a place, probably Spanish. That’s about it. Then my memory was jogged to remember having heard of it described as “the Vegas of Europe.”

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Five Places I Want to Travel to for Christmas

It’s the holidays! Get off your computer and spend time with your family, ya jerk.

Just kidding! Lord knows we’re all at the mercy of our Screen Gods and it’s too late to turn back at this late stage in the game. Succumb to your masters, feeble human, and read about the top five places I would like to spend Christmas if I could celebrate it anywhere in the world. Continue reading