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Lucerne, Switzerland For Business Travelers

Originally published in Global Traveler.

Lucerne thrives on tourism. British expatriate and author Diccon Bewes, who focuses his literary efforts on his adopted homeland, calls Lucerne Switzerland’s prettiest city. So it’s no wonder throngs of Japanese, Chinese, European and North American tourists funnel out of tour buses and onto the cobblestone streets of Lucerne with their cameras armed and ready.

Lucerne’s history is firmly Swiss with a relatively orderly past — compared to the rest of Europe — after the fall of the Roman Empire in the early sixth century. By the middle of the ninth century, the area became known as Luciaria as Germanic Alemannic peoples planted roots. Lucerne asserted its independence in 1178, declaring a city proper shortly thereafter. Owing to its economically strategic location on the Gotthard trade route, Lucerne grew into a selfsufficient city by the end of the 13th century. Around this time, King Rudolph I von Habsburg of Austria pushed into the region, and Lucerne allied with surrounding towns to strive for independence in the form of a Swiss Confederacy known as Eidgenossenschaft. Continue reading

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Meanwhile In Switzerland: Traveling Helvetia

Note: I very much enjoyed writing my first travelogue, Talking Tico, on living abroad in Central America. That book is currently in the editing process to find out whether or not it’s actually any good. But, because of the amount of time I spent on it, I’m sure to publish it regardless. I mean, I can’t be that bad, right? (I have the confidence of an incontinent kindergartener.)

I mention this only to explain what’s to follow in this post. For those remotely familiar with me, you know I have a deep love, fascination, and slight obsession with Switzerland. In the spring of 2014, I had the great fortune of traveling the country for two weeks. As a result, I wrote about some impressions I had of their city planning for my then-column at Article 3 and published a cycling video and story with Yahoo! Travel. Even after all that, I still had a mountain of footage to work with and thoughts I wanted to share about those two weeks in Switzerland. Continue reading

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Q&A with the New York Travel Festival

Bern Switzerland - JoeBaur

Clare Hancock over at New York Travel Festival recently asked if I would do a little Q&A on cycling through Switzerland and working with MySwitzerland last year.

“Why not?” I thought. I loved cycling, working with MySwitzerland, and all things having to do with travel in Switzerland. Plus I have a decent knowledge as it pertains to facts about myself, so it seemed like an easy thing to agree to do.

If you’re interested in learning more about my trip over to Switzerland from last spring, head on over to nytravfest.com for the full interview.

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Lights! Camera! Switzerland!

My entry for Lights! Camera! Switzerland! in the maximum 1024 characters.

Everyone has their Valhalla, a place that feels too perfect to be real. For me, it’s Switzerland. This country knows how to take care of its people. A hiking network that outnumbers roads, cycle paths throughout the country, a train stop at every corner — I’ve never felt more at home. Continue reading

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Cycling Central Switzerland is the Trip of a Lifetime

Originally published at Europe Up Close.

There is simply no better way to explore a new country than by cycling, especially when that country is Switzerland. Luckily with some help from MySwitzerland and SwissTrails, we were able to spend three-days cycling along the Lakes Route that stretches from French Montreux on Lake Geneva to Bad Horn in the northeastern border of the country. Continue reading