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How to Spend 48 hours in Santiago, Chile

Read part one of two on Santiago de Chile, a primer.

I landed just past midnight on a Monday morning with only enough time to get to my hotel and collapse. The driver who picked me up offered a bit of a contrast to Allende’s description of Chileans, speaking proudly of his country and city.

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How to Prepare for Traveling to Santiago, Chile

There’s a dance in Chile called cueca where both partners wave a handkerchief in hopes of luring their partner. They pull close, but never touch. Their contact is limited to the connection between their eyes and movements.

Santiago had that effect on me during a short 48-hour visit back in April. I was drawn to the architecture, the markets, the green spaces dotted throughout the city and the vibrancy prevalent the Chilean capital. Having no idea of what to expect initially, I was pleasantly surprised and anxious for another 48 hours.

Unfortunately, like the cueca dancer, I feel as if I was left wanting more from Santiago. The city remains a hypothetical reality, someplace I could live if I had the opportunity. Meantime, I at least have those 48 hours to look back on. Continue reading

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10 Images of Santiago, Chile That Will Make You Rethink the City

Palacio de la Moneda - JoeBaur

The Palacio de La Moneda, capitol building of Chile. This was where the CIA-supported coup against Salvador Allende’s democratically elected government took place on September 11, 1973. Augosto Pinochet took over, becoming one of the most ruthless military dictators in the 20th Century until a grassroots campaign of activists had him ousted in 1990. Continue reading

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First Look at the LATAM Airlines VIP Lounge in Santiago, Chile

LAN and TAM Airlines have inaugurated their new VIP Lounge at Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Santiago, Chile.

I was invited down by LAN Airlines to check out the facility firsthand with many of the individuals responsible for the project in attendance. After spending two hours talking to the team behind LAN and TAM’s latest VIP experience, exploring every nook and cranny of the two-floor facility, it’s hard to argue that this lounge is anything short of impressive. Continue reading