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Car-Free Travel with Ana Dominguez of The City Sidewalks

Ana Dominguez of The City Sidewalks joins Joe to talk about one of his favorite topics — car-free travel.

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canada / international / North America / travel

Around Yonge: 20 Hours Traveling Around Toronto

The Rocket Bus outside Pearson International saved Melanie and I from the sting of a Canadian winter in full force. From there, we were sent underground for two subway connections, each one sprinting briefly above ground — apartment highrises nearing completion dotted the rails heading into downtown Toronto.

Our final stop came at Queen Street, where we climbed the subway stairs up to a city in full swing. It was refreshing to see a winter city refusing to hibernate. Torontonians, bundled up from head-to-toe of course, easily outnumbered the cars circling around Queen and Yonge. The sounds stick out, too. Not just the screech of the streetcar rails or traffic, but the languages. English, French, German, Spanish; and was that Thai? Lord knows I have a strong ear for Thai.

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canada / international / North America / travel

Paddling Lake Superior on a Voyageur Canoe

Originally published at Matador Network.

Editor’s note: Every year, Naturally Superior Adventures in Ontario hosts the Voyageur Canoe Musical Tour, a 90km / 4-day paddle with a featured Canadian folk artist for intimate musical entertainment. This year’s musician is Katherine Wheatley. The musical tour concludes in Red Rock, Ontario, on the opening day of the Live From the Rock Folk Festival (August 8-10). Continue reading