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Five Places I Want to Travel to for Christmas

It’s the holidays! Get off your computer and spend time with your family, ya jerk.

Just kidding! Lord knows we’re all at the mercy of our Screen Gods and it’s too late to turn back at this late stage in the game. Succumb to your masters, feeble human, and read about the top five places I would like to spend Christmas if I could celebrate it anywhere in the world. Continue reading

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Minimalist Travel and Living in Madagascar with Charity Yoro

People have too much stuff. Why do you need all that stuff? Truth is, you don’t. Charity Yoro chats with Joe in San Francisco about her minimalist philosophy for both life and travel. She also shares some of her travels through Southeast Asia, including studying abroad in Thailand and teaching English in South Korea. Then, we hop over to Madagascar and talk about Charity’s two-year experience of working in the Peace Corps.

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