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Why I Want to Cycle the Ruins (and Hope) of the Rust Belt

I love the Rust Belt, its frustrations, character and all.

I love the people. The innovators and pioneers who are returning home to help rebuild our economically throttled region.

I loathe (in general) the leaders. The corrupt politicians who continue the practice of back-room dealing, generally leading to development policies that favor suburban commuters over city residents, continuing decades worth of political ineptitude.

And yes, the weather can be a son of a bitch bastard at times.

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missouri / new york / North America / ohio / pennsylvania / travel / United States

Craft Beer in the Rust Belt

Rust Belt Breweries - JOE BAUR

Originally published at CraftBeer.com.

There’s a kind of revitalization brewing (pun intended) across the Rust Belt at the hands of the craft beer economy, and it’s proving to be a real winner for other new businesses and residents alike.

The Rust Belt itself comes tied with powerful imagery: abandoned factories, steel mills, pollution-blackened skies and empty storefronts along jagged sidewalks all come to mind.

But narratives change—those who have stuck around or returned are writing a new chapter with a combination of barley and hops. Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis are just a few Rust Belt cities with breweries that are bringing new life to their respective neighborhoods after decades of uncertainty, crime and population loss. Continue reading