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New York State- America’s Former Hop Capital - JoeBaur

Originally published at CraftBeer.com.

Talk hops with the modern American brewer and the conversation will likely drift to the Pacific Northwest. The region boasts the perfect growing conditions for hops, so whether you’re in Cleveland or Albuquerque, you’re probably enjoying a beer brewed with hops from that area. According to the Hop Growers of America, in 2011, 100 percent of commercial hop production in the United States came out of Washington (78%), Oregon (14.5%) and Idaho (7.5%). Continue reading

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Why I Want to Cycle the Ruins (and Hope) of the Rust Belt

I love the Rust Belt, its frustrations, character and all.

I love the people. The innovators and pioneers who are returning home to help rebuild our economically throttled region.

I loathe (in general) the leaders. The corrupt politicians who continue the practice of back-room dealing, generally leading to development policies that favor suburban commuters over city residents, continuing decades worth of political ineptitude.

And yes, the weather can be a son of a bitch bastard at times.

Continue reading

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Craft Beer in the Rust Belt

Rust Belt Breweries - JOE BAUR

Originally published at CraftBeer.com.

There’s a kind of revitalization brewing (pun intended) across the Rust Belt at the hands of the craft beer economy, and it’s proving to be a real winner for other new businesses and residents alike.

The Rust Belt itself comes tied with powerful imagery: abandoned factories, steel mills, pollution-blackened skies and empty storefronts along jagged sidewalks all come to mind.

But narratives change—those who have stuck around or returned are writing a new chapter with a combination of barley and hops. Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and St. Louis are just a few Rust Belt cities with breweries that are bringing new life to their respective neighborhoods after decades of uncertainty, crime and population loss. Continue reading