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All You Need To Know About Traveling The North Dakota Badlands

Read part one on Bismarck and the surrounding area.

I’ll admit that my initial interest in Theodore Roosevelt National Park was merely the park’s namesake and the general promise of being outside that’s inherent with any national park. I’ve admired the 26th president of the United States since I read River Of Doubt on his post-presidency adventures through the Amazon River. This led to additional reading of arguably our country’s most badass head of state. Sure, in retrospect he had some pretty wacky beliefs, but on the whole the guy was pure American steel and had no problem calling out the corporations of the day that were taking advantage of the common man. Plus he once took a bullet in the chest and finished he speech before getting it looked at. How can you not admire that?

So what does Teddy Roosevelt have to do with North Dakota? Quite a bit, apparently.

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Earlier this year I had been invited up by North Dakota Tourism to talk to a group of writers about my career and thoughts on digital storytelling. Besides officially somehow crossing the threshold of “person worth paying attention to,” I was excited for the opportunity to explore a new state. Not to mention this was my first stop in my return from Costa Rica.

What’s in North Dakota anyway? Land? Yes, lots of land. 183,272 square kilometers worth. Sure, that’s only 19th in the nation, but it’s made to feel all the more overwhelming when you consider the lack of density — 3.83 North Dakotans per square kilometer, 47th in the country. Suffice it to say, it doesn’t take long in North Dakota to find yourself staring over a vast, quiet horizon, which I did many-a-time. Continue reading

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These Photos Will Change Your Mind About North Dakota

Maah Daah Hey Trail North Dakota - JoeBaur

If North Dakota isn’t given much thought by the average American traveler, then that in of itself is a mistake. With a blend of Native American cultures, like Sioux and Mandan, mixing with Norwegians, Fins and Germans — the Peace Garden State could easily make other countries, let alone fellow States, crumble in jealousy.

This is the place where Teddy Roosevelt moved in his formative years, setting off his development into this country’s most badass president. This is where transplants are finding themselves, so they can be part of the exciting revitalization of Downtown Bismarck. This is where things are measured in per capita, like number of golf courses or beer drinkers. This is where phrases like “Uff Da” and “Holy Buckets!” are not complete and utter nonsense, but merely part of the colorful local lingo.

This is where the Badlands come to life and where Roosevelt developed his idea for a system of national parks. This is North Dakota, and sticking with the theme, it is indeed pretty badass. Continue reading

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North Dakota Bloggers and Writers Workshop - JoeBaur

Quick post this evening to share some exciting news! I have the honor of speaking at the 2015 Blogger and Writers Workshop in Bismarck, North Dakota. The event coincides with celebrations for 50 years of state parks in North Dakota, thus I’ll be speaking at the Commisary at Fort Lincoln State Park. The theme will be travel writing and the outdoors.

See why it’s going on at a state park?

Outdoors = Check

Travel writer = Joe, Check!

It just comes together so nicely.

Registration just opened this evening, so head on over and get your tickets. I’ll give the first five a high-five at the door.*

*High-fives will be distributed based on the honesty policy.