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Why You Need to Ditch the Car and Ride Amtrak

Bridge over river in Pennsylvania

It was two in the morning when the Amtrak train finally pulled into the station. Truthfully, calling what we have in Cleveland a “station” is incredibly forgiving. In reality Cleveland is cursed with a glorified slab of concrete held up by a couple of pillars next to the train tracks. City Lab rightfully called it one of the saddest stations in the country. Continue reading

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How A Cavaliers Championship Made Cleveland Virtually Car-Free

I grabbed my GoPro yesterday morning before heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade, unsure of what I’d even do with the footage. But it was a historic moment and I knew I at least wanted it as a personal keepsake.

I’ve already written about what it’s like to live in a championship city and what that can do to a community’s mindset. Now I know what a championship parade can do for a city, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out what I’d do with the video — showing Clevelanders and viewers from any city how a championship can prove that a car-free city is a better, happier city. Continue reading

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Cleveland: What it’s Like to Live in a Championship City

Something happened last night I thought I’d plausibly never see in my life. Cleveland, my home city, won its first professional sports championship in 52 years. Continue reading

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Being Born In Northern Ohio

Cycling the Remains of Northern Ohio Towns - JoeBaur

You have to explain that Ohio isn’t West Virginia.

Come every election season, Ohio gets thrown up as a key battleground state. This much is true. What isn’t true is that the entire state is a battleground. The only corners of the state trying to pull us back into various bygone centuries are in southern Ohio. Needless to say we northerners get a little frustrated when the coasts overwhelmingly paint the entire state as some conservative backwater when the north, specially Cuyahoga County, basically gave President Obama both of his victories. And when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the country, we were issuing marriage licenses practically seconds after Justice Kennedy proclaimed, “so it be ordered.”

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18 Things Clevelanders Have To Do Before They Die

13 signs you were born and raised in Cleveland - JoeBaur

1. Eat a meatball the size of a softball at The Feast of the Assumption.

Little Italy in Cleveland is one of those cultural neighborhoods everyone can picture themselves living in, and it’s the only place where the constant crooning of Dean Martin amplified onto the streets is acceptable. The neighborhood’s most famous celebration is The Feast of the Assumption in August with meatballs the size of a softball ready to be consumed.

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