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Hilton Head Island is “Meltingly Beautiful,” but can be Better

I knew next to nothing about Hilton Head, South Carolina when I was told some months back by Melanie that I would be joining her family for vacation on the lowcountry island. Is a tourist trap? Is it anything like I’ve heard of historic Charleston? Will their be barbecue? All these questions and more were answered over the past week.

(It’s worth noting that I had been battling a cold since leaving Cleveland for Buffalo. Though the symptoms of feeling generally crappy went away, I was able to maintain a runny nose throughout the entirety of the trip and even gained a cough toward the end. I note this so you can properly envision how truly disgusting it was to be around me. Just imagine sniffles, coughs, and “blowing my nose” sound effects throughout the rest of this reading to get an intimately grotesque picture of the trip through my eyes.)

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