I’m a travel author, writer, avid home cook, recipe creator, filmmaker, and podcaster whose work is featured in a variety of domestic and international outlets, including BBC Travel, Food52, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Eater, The Nosher, National Geographic, and CraftBeer.com to name a few. I’m also the author of various Falcon Guides titles, 2016’s Talking Tico: (Mis)adventures of a Gringo in and Around Costa Rica, and I contributed to 2019’s Fodor’s Essential Germany.

Simply put, I’m interested in telling unique food and travel stories, though I occasionally touch on sustainable travel and hiking/trail running as well. Much of my food writing focuses on Jewish cuisine, but I’m generally up for anything that has a strong story at the center, whether it’s going through the history of Malta’s pastizzi, unraveling the vegan ethos of Berlin, or exploring the culinary traditions of the Sámi in Scandinavia.

I very rarely write about something I haven’t experienced first hand, which is why most of my stories start with the trip. My goal with my writing is to put readers in my shoes and paint an evocative, immersive picture. I can’t do that by regurgitating an email or press release.

At best, I might have the kernel of an idea for a story before traveling to a destination. But usually, I don’t. More often than not, I travel first, follow rabbit holes that interest me, collect ideas, and share with my editors when I get back home. That, in a sense, is how I roll.

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I’ve been known to string words together and form sentences in a public forum, some even say to the benefit of the listening public. So let’s chat about having me speak to your group on a variety of topics, including travel writing, storytelling, sustainable travel, tourism working with travel media, ethical travel or whatever else we can concoct together.

Some personal favorites include travel writing, storytelling, sustainable travel, how tourism can work with travel media, ethical travel, language learning, the importance of making your destination car-free accessible, and traveling in an age of perceived danger. Previously I’ve spoken at an event hosted by North Dakota tourism about my personal experiences and digital storytelling.

“Joe presented to our North Dakota Writers and Bloggers group and shared some amazing experiences as well as provided insightful tips and tricks on capturing unique stories. His delivery was spot-on and attendees walked away inspired to create engaging content.” –– Kim Schmidt, Public & Media Relations Manager at the North Dakota Department of Commerce – Tourism Division


Sometimes I’m asked questions by other journalists or featured in podcasts or other media for reasons unbeknownst to me. Here’s a sampling of published interviews and podcast appearances.