Germany Travel Tips

Germany travel tips

I’m a vegetarian food writer, filmmaker, and trail runner who’s lived in Germany for seven years (Berlin now for four years). So I get plenty of emails asking me for Germany travel tips. That’s why I’ve decided to start doing a little Germany travel consulting and––occasionally––guided food tours of Berlin and trail running or hiking tours in Germany.

So what does that look like for you?

Germany Travel Consulting

Basically, I do most of the heavy lifting (I can’t fly you here) when it comes to helping you plan your trip to Germany by answering your questions about where to go in Germany, what to do in Germany, where and what to eat, cultural questions, travel logistics, and so on. Instead of spending a week pouring through thousands of Google-optimized articles on Germany that’ll all tell you basically the same thing (visit the Berlin Wall!), you can just chat with me for an hour. I’ll give you a mix of the can’t-miss tourist favorites and the off-the-beaten-path treasures most travelers don’t know about yet.

A one-hour phone or video consultation with me costs $100 and can be conducted via Zoom. Payment must be made prior to the call. Within the next 48 hours, I’ll send you a summary of our conversation, including locations discussed, a draft of any itinerary discussed, and the names of any accommodation options. You can then either book everything for yourself, or, if you have further trip planning requirements, book another hour of consulting.

Please contact me to set up a call.

Guided Tours of Germany

My Germany playlist, featuring a collection of immersive travel experiences and adventures across the country.

As a tour guide, I prefer taking small, private tours (a maximum of 4–5 people) with an emphasis on good food. I travel frequently myself and have limited time and energy. That means I don’t have time for tourists expecting the world to revolve around them and to live out some kind of Eat, Pray, Love fantasy. If you’re someone who’ll complain about the lack of air conditioning in Europe when it’s summer, I’m probably not the guy for you.

This is all to say that I am quite selective about who I work with. That said, I very much enjoy showing people what I love about living in Germany and creating a special, fun, and intimate introduction to my favorite places in Berlin and throughout the country. Though if I’m not a fit, I’m happy to point clients towards industry colleagues who may be a better match.

Currently, the tours I offer are the following:

  • Berlin Vegetarian Food Tour
  • Berlin Vegan Food Tour
  • Berlin Jewish Food Tour
  • German Food Tour in Berlin
  • Trail Running in Germany
  • Hiking in Germany

All food tours run roughly 3-3.5 hours with a mix of restaurant/café visits and pre-arranged food to nosh on the go or in a park (depending on time and weather). Trail running and hiking tours with me must be planned at least six months in advance. This is to ensure the availability of any necessary lodging, securing the most affordable train tickets, and/or my availability. Trail running and hiking tours without me can be planned with shorter notice and would necessitate only a consultation call. Additional charges would only be applicable if further services are required, such as booking accommodation, train tickets, and/or making restaurant reservations.

Please contact me to set up a call.

Berlin Vegetarian Food Tour

Explore Berlin’s diverse culinary landscape with a vegetarian food tour. From trendy Kreuzberg to charming Prenzlauer Berg, savor plant-based delights like vegan currywurst and flavorful falafel wraps.

Throughout the tour, I’ll share the cultural and historical significance of each dish all the while highlighting Berlin’s love of plant-based eating. Whether you’re a dedicated vegetarian, a curious foodie, or looking to expand your palate, this tour offers a memorable meatless journey through Berlin’s rich food culture.

Sign up and taste why Berlin is truly the beating heart of vegetarian Europe.

Berlin VEgan Food Tour

Almost any restaurant or food stall in Berlin will offer a vegetarian option. But if you’re a vegan who wants to get rid of the guesswork, this city still has you covered.

You’ll get the same deal on this tour as the vegetarian variety but at exclusively vegan establishments.

Berlin Jewish Food Tour

Jewish food is making a comeback in Berlin––and in a big way. From Jewish-American-style bagels to old-fashioned deli culture and refined spins on Ashkenazi classics like kreplach and tzimmes, this tour shows off the growing Jewish food scene with a mix of nostalgic flavors and Israeli spice.

German Food Tour in Berlin

Pork knuckle, heaping piles of mashed potatoes, and whatever brown sludge that is on the side. Stereotypes of German food are not kind. Fortunately, it’s far from the reality of German food in Berlin, which is flavorful, seasonal, and regional.

On this German food tour in Berlin, find out what really makes a dish German and what German food actually looks like.

Trail Running in Germany

Ready to hit the trails in Germany?

Germany offers a plethora of unforgettable adventures for trail runners. Thanks to Germany’s diverse landscapes, from the snowy Bavarian Alps to the legendary Black Forest, trail running in Germany is an open-ended adventure for runners of all kinds.

Trail running tours are highly customizable based on the amount of time you have, where you want to travel, and how much climbing you want to do. We can hit the mountains, keep it flat around the lakes, or do a little something in between.

Hiking Tour in Germany

Ditto on the above, but for hiking.

Interested in a consultation or a hands-on tour? Reach out ASAP!